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Overclocking 5600X

I have recently switched to AMD after many years with Intel 9600K @ 4800MHz

MSI X570 Gaming Plus
Ryzen 5600X with water cooling
32Gb 3600MHz memory
Adata 1Gb M2 drive

I am finding the overclocking options quite confusing on the 5600X and despite watching many guides on Youtube I am none the wiser.

Can anyone suggest recommended settings to get the best out of my MB & CPU for gaming?



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One must crawl before they stand upright.  They stand before they walk, and walk before they run.

My advice is to DON'T OVERCLOCK.  At least until you stand upright, and then walk.

Go into BIOS and "Load Optimized" defaults.

Turn Core Performance Boost to Disabled.

Turn PBO to Disabled.

Keep away from those XMP and DOCP settings!

Play your favorite games, at a nice high framerate and enjoy a cool running processor with a quiet fan.

At least for a week.   Maybe even two.

If you can't resist that urge, you will start to overclock things. (because it looks easy)

And when things go wrong, or they look like they are going wrong, you will be here blaming the CPU, Motherboard,

Power supply or Memory sticks.  Things like "'s 90C !!  That's too hot"  or "It crashed while idle! "  

I beg you, don't be that person.    

Get to the point where you are confident that it all works when running in-spec.

Then when you do decide you want more from your system.   And your tuning causes problems, you will be confident

that it was the Over clocking that was at fault, instead of all this nice hardware.   You won't be one of those people returning perfectly good hardware back to the vendor.  Think of the time you will save as well as postage!

Oh yeah, there is just one more issue, that's not tuning related.  But Windows 10 Does NOT consistently revive from Sleep with Power supplies spec'd earlier than ATX 12V V2.51       Most power supplies you bought in the past and on sale today are still  ATX 12V V2.4    If you have an old PSU and you want to use Windows 10 Sleep (with it's deeper sleep state).  You must go into BIOS and modify "Power supply idle control" to "typical current idle"   or disable C-states.  (C6)



I should have explained that I have been running the 5600X for about 6 months now and to be honest I am pretty underwhelmed by the performance for gaming so I was hoping I was missing some important setting in the bios.

My previous 9600K running at 4800Mhz seemed to outperform the 5600X in everything I play.

From your reply it appears overclocking AMD processors is not recommended so I will consider my options for selling the new AMD MB&CPU and return to Intel.



I didn't say it wasn't recommended, I just wished people would have some experience with new parts before they decide to run them out of spec.  

Since you have your system 6 mo. 

Your first overclock should be the memory, since the CPU always waits on memory.

#1 Enable XMP or DOCP

(After a week or more of running the memory kit at the advertised settings then

# 2  Enable Core Performance Boost.

        From here people would have typically 1 of 2 experiences

        #3A  System is running way to hot for your comfort

                 Then Enable PBO Advanced

                           Set PBO Limits to Manual

                           Set "Thermal Throttle Temp" to "Manual"

                            Set the pop up value for "Thermal Throttle Temp" to something you would like in Celsius.

         #3B  Users experience random crashes when their systems Idle

                   A lot of users think the only way to test their system is with long torturous hours of Prime95 or MemTest64.

                   What they fail to realize is that a lot of crashes happen when the system goes to idle after a hard workout.

                    You see, when the system load is reduced, it drops the frequency as well as the voltage.  It thinks the CPU can get by 

                    by sipping current.   What they fail to realize is that it takes more voltage to idle when the chips are hot, then when 

                    they are cold.

                     #3B1 - If you have a single core that is problematic then Set VCore to Normal and set the slightest positive 

                                 displacement.    Event viewer will specify the failing APIC  Remember that Each core is associated with

                                 two different APICs  (Threads)   You may find the correlation of APICs to Cores by going to CPU-Z

                                 Select the About Tab.   Click "Save report.txt"  .   Read the report to find APIC to Core association.

                      #3B2   You have a single core failing, but that failing core happens to be the most favored core.

                                  This may be due to just the probability of failing on one of the most frequently used cores

                                   This could be handled much like #3B3 below.

                      #3B3 - If many cores are failing. This hints at the Internal memory controller being starved of current.

                                  Set VSoc to Normal, and then set the smallest positive displacement.




Good Luck