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Journeyman III

AMD cpu and gpu not in the fullest

So some new parts were gifted to me :

cpu --> rayzen 7 3700x

gpu --> radeon rx6700xt

MBO -->asus rog b450f gaming II

ram --> 32 gb 3200Mghz crucial ballistix

I think i havent set it up right beacuse in apex i get frame drop if i look at building eaven though at at competitive settings and warzone barley 100fps and crashes a lot. iam running ryzen master at game mode , process laso ,islc,windows game mode and also priority in diffrent games . idk overwatch is at 400 fps easy ,now caped at 200. apex is caped at 161 but that drops 110 to 120 ,warzone crashes and get 100-120 fps when i have seen people get a lot more.I think is smth at settings idk but i do think my computer can do better.

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