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Nvidia Or AMD

Hey Guys;

so i am  going to upgrade sometime this year and tossing between AMD or Nvidia. The things i like about AMD is the driver optimization, driver software suite and Freesync.

However i have noticed some shady performance with older games especially games from GOG. So i was thinking of switching to Nvidia but i am worried that my purchase will be junk after a few years due to nvidia dumping optimization support for older GPUS like what happened with the 780ti, which is now on par with 1050ti.

What do you guys think?

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Wait for the current availability issues to end. It's an interesting year for AMD because they're going to be competing with old architecture against Volta, and unless the cryptocurrency market explodes prices are going to remain astronomically high on every side. Heck, the RX 580 is currently $700 on Newegg, that's beyond the realm of any consideration for a gamer.


What an interesting question to ask on the AMD forum.  I mean, what do you expect we are going to say?  Sounds like you have already made up your mind but are seeking validation for you decision.  To that end, let me say that AMD is the best, no, the only choice. 

Seriously though, I would heed the advice of black_zion in the previous post.  The GPU that's best now will likely be the GPU you can actually find.  And what's more, find at a price that isn't astronomical.


What exactly makes you think AMD is the best / the only choice? Especially when their GPUs are beaten badly by a 1080 Ti. They also cost more because of the mining craze, but that's not to say Nvidia GPUs haven't been affected by it. Both sides have upped prices badly because of mining.

Personally, I AM going to buy a custom Vega 56, but only because I'll also buy a 31 inch FreeSync 10-bit 4096x2160 panel. I already have a 1080 Ti and can afford it, but I am planning to sell my 1080 Ti to make up for the price of the Vega.


"What exactly makes you think AMD is the best / the only choice?"

That is what is called speaking in hyperbole, as indicated by my initial comments about asking such a question on an AMD forum, and the subsequent "Seriously though".

About the only reasonable way to buy any GPU right now is with a whole new computer. Look at the powerspec series at The prices are not inflated badly. Compared to some GPU prices out there, it's like you buy a GPU and get a computer with it free!  The best cards are the ones that meet your needs and that you can afford. Only you can decide that. Red or Green has good choices, depends on your needs. All GPU's by themselves are insanely priced right now. If that is all you need and can wait, then waiting is the best advice I can give.


hold off till the memory stocks of both brands come right. Lack of memory round atm so why prices are so sky high to from miners & Nvidia bumping there prices not AMD they just cant keep up with the demand. Went from Nvidia to AMD best decision i ever done & made i will never touch Nvidia ever again as they are effected by specter & meltdown how ever many fan boys say they dont they do as their chips are made in Intels fab factories. I Refired an older Nvidia card yesterday for a stepson & it was so horrible to use since the lastest bunch of updates. I got me a Sapphire Pulse RX560OC 4G for $200 NZ Boxing day sales. On older Drivers atm coz of Microsofts creators update has been hit of miss on builds. BTW both brands are glitchy on 10 Creators update. Tho its personal preference to which brand you go with tho i recomend if your new to AMD go with it if you can score a decent card you not paying skyhigh  prices for. I am happy with my RX560 fantastic little card for price & preformance will eat or crap on any high end Nvidia junk which are over priced over rated junk i rather use as a boat anchor paper weight. Just a bit of advise tho if going AMD make sure you PSU power rating is higher than the card you be purchasing as these cards like there juice its the only downside but preformance wise i will never go back to the green camp ever again.