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Journeyman III

No confirmation mail, no money taken but order found

Hi ! I tried to buy a 5800x (as a lot of people I guess )
I entered my credit card infos and my bank signaled me the payment was ordered (but not taken as of yet).
Yet I received no confirmation mail or order number.

By looking here : and entering my mail en the last 4 digits, I found my order but the current status is : "Order Unsubmitted". Does anyone know something ?

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Adept I

I suppose it's happening what happened to me. I was in the same situation then i tryed the rechargeable c/c and all was good. I think, in my case, was  because my c/c has some locked country when i do payment (for example, even if i'm in italy, to use the amazon monthly payment i had to enable the USA)