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Journeyman III

New laptop question.

I have a new laptop Acer Aspire E15. Now it says that it has 2 GPU's one iGPU and dGPU. An A10 AMD CPU 3.3GHZ, R5 IGPU which is about 256mb vram and a r7 m340 2GB vram dGPU. Now ive set everything to maximise power in settings and i use max power on applications but the when i run any game in this case R6 Siege in options it says that game is running r5 GPU the integrated one. When i check device manager it says that r7 is active and all but when i go into win10 game settings i have 2 options. 1st one says GPU for maximum battery life: AMD Radeon R5 and under it it says GPU for maximal preformance: AMD Radeon R5 again when it should be R7. How do i fix this? Ive got no options in BIOS nor anywhere else. Please help

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