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New big Radeon Driver Software Update coming

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Yeesh, the writing in these articles these days!

"Obviously, AMD’s focus this year is not to improve performance but to increase functionality which will definitely not disappoint everyone."

It will disappoint some people though, maybe even most, but not everyone.  Definitely not everyone.

There's more updates than that coming with the driver package, including updates to Freesync and Wattman. Sadly most improvements are related to the ReLive side, actually all but about 3 are, so for most people this will be a lackluster release.

was wondering what was new because all that stuff looked like the same old stuff to me. I wish they would chill on the new stuff and concentrate on rock solid stability for a year, and getting all their current features working on all cards they claim those features support.


I wish they'd concentrate on stuff that everyone could use, such as the ability to incrementally update drivers, much akin to the Minimal Setup, but from within Radeon Settings itself. This is direly needed since the new package will come with a "feature" that will tell you to update your drivers to play games.

ME TOO! They need to make a STABLE PRODUCT FIRST.  Then they need to make all the already released tech work on every product they claim it should work on. When that happens then entertain adding more features. From the early comments I am seeing in the real world with this new driver, it isn't pretty. Looks like one step forward and two steps back once again.


Never had a problem with stability. Is possibly an issue with the Fury Nano performing far worse than it should, but it's not a known or resolved issue, would be nice for some clarification.


MY RX 580 doesn't run without constant crashes without tweaking the heck out of the settings. At defaults it just doesn't work. Many, many, many, other claim the same. That is what I am calling instability.


I'm running it now and I get more FPS in BF V with my Vega 64, I feel it's more stable.

I can't say I am getting better frames. Stability seems the same. Took 1.5 hours to get the driver to load. Then Radeon Settings hung loading my game library for an hour. Now just trying to get into the game profiles is 100x worse than ever, and it was really bad before. Just locks up. Those with larger libraries be ware. Don't like the new temp/fan speed settings. It's like they sat around and went hey people are figuring out how to set these, how can we make it more difficult. Only played BFV so far, so I am just glad the game play seems unaffected by the new drivers.

Could you post a screenshot of the new settings? On Win7 they look identical...


What the gaming tab looks like, won't load just locks up,


Then sometimes it will eventually get past that and look like this, but just spins and spins and spins and you cant open a single profile. And yes I have done DDU yes the new one out today. Did uninstall of old driver first, then DDU then did clean install. I don't think they test this stuff on a real gaming machine. They need to test Radeon Setttings on a computer with 500 plus games. Then they might realize their software is and has been a big problem that they now made way worse. All those grey circles are animated and just keep spinning, going nowhere.


I'm hoping all that spinning is doing something and will stop eventually and it will ultimately be no worse than before. I will report back either way.

0 Likes'd have to be a engineer to love that.

Well they sure aren't going for user friendly to the casual end user.