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Adept I

My morning AMD rant and love (lisa is an angel)

This has been copied away from an out of the hand answer on a simple question. 

These radeon settings are jokes. We need our mips back aka prerender. Better dx9 support on new cards. Make radeon pro PRO not amateur. To not fix a simple switch based on xml and one button graphic connected to it (switch is already existing) is a fricking joke to me.... There are developpers and designers and coders and builders and very smart techies around (NO NOT IT IT IS FOR SCHOLAR NUBS), real underground techies. LISA you need to work more and get the filth out as you brought amd back on the map get rid of the ones who took it off and stay lazy these are the same mistakes as in the past with people probably the same developpers for years!  Simple things...... Amd simple things..... Stay teched not hyped by 80% that now suddenly became aware of a technical world and never did before the year 2010.


Tech world is now lost in dummies...... I hear you other 20% that get ignored and overruled by false information and practices! Stay strong!


AMD, I missed you since 2006. Welcome back. Been green and blue for years but my heart is always red. We know what amd did for the pc/cpu/gpu world. Not Nvidia not intel.... they forgot...... Who r the real deal......


Ryzens architecture and ipc blows away anything with the same specs and frequency. When i compare that vs a blue teams 1ghz higher clocked ipc and i see ryzen tickle the insane higher clocked blue processor,.... I get nerdgasms... Very proud of ryzen. Same for polaris. Very well done. Highly underated due bias looks in buyers and reviews. I didn't go all AMD for no reason coming from all blue. Feels like bulldozer never excisted...or not like i ever touched that (beside fixing desktops and laps) 


Which is another point.  Focus on desktop more than mining/hash/server/workstation. I mean im proud but.... It is easy to see that polaris is a mining focussed card not a gaming (even if it is a gaming card among the best!). Just like it is as easy to see that ryzen is a server/workstation repolished to be able to compete for desktop qualities.


I mean you caNt fool me.... Let's just be honest

Ps: Tech websites are full of false information! THW, AT, LTT, OCLCKNET, and many more fallen to the dumb site/side. Where are those underground places that i loved, my old ones are full of plebs that are smart and spread false IT information. PLZ pm me if you know what i am talking about, our kind is fading.

Big love, Nerd