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Journeyman III

My CPU or GPU is Crash and Reboot to Bios - AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS

I purchased the Mini PC Minisforums UM790 Pro in August 2023 and from the first day I have problems with it.

My Specs:

  • AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS Processor, 8 Cores/16 Threads
  • AMD Radeon 780M
  • Kingston 1TB NVME M.2 2280 PCie 4.0 (Model SNV2S)
  • Crucial 32GB x2 DDR5-5600 SODIMM 1.1v CL46

1. The computer booted up for the first time with Win11Pro and I set up a profile with a Microsoft account (must enter an account otherwise it won't let you continue the installation).
I ran Windows updates and everything worked fine for 3 weeks.

2. After three weeks I turned it on and suddenly it turned on with this error:


3. I chatted with email support of Minisforums, they told me to do these tests:
*Memory integrity test with MemTest86 - normal
*Checking memory slots - normal
*NVME M2 SSD test - OK
*Reinstalling the operating system from the downloads menu on the Minisforums website from here:

*I tried to run through Boot the installation of an operating system from their website, it would not install under any circumstances.
I downloaded a clean image of Win11Pro an operating system from Microsoft's website and was able to install.

It is important to note that I did not update the drivers from their website, I simply did automatic updates of the operating system + I downloaded the AMD Adrenalin Full Package (640MB) tool for a video card that downloads and updates automatically.

4 .I worked with Mini PC after im Install it for about another 3 weeks and I turned it on again last week and then I get this message:


5. I tried to get to the boot menu and then I get this message (SSD drive not recognized):


6.  I tried resetting the settings in the bios to factory settings, it didn't help (the version of my bios is currently 1.04):


7. Now I can connect it to an external case the NVME card and reinstall a clean new operating system, the problem is that as I imagine it will happen to me again, something is causing these crashes and as it seems it is not sure that it is hardware at all.

It is important to say that the computer does not turn on regularly, I turn it on every two or three weeks or so.
I opened a case on the Minisforums support forum about this, I was given an explanation that a clean operating system should be installed from the Microsoft website (which is what I did).
install drivers for the processor / video card / sound card, etc... without internet at all! This means to download the drivers from the Minisforums website and install them after I have finished installing the operating system and without an Internet connection because there is probably something that causes the computer to crash after it updates the computer's drivers, which means a problem with the new driver versions that the computer updates (video card or processor).
Also as I have seen from posts of other customers who have also purchased the same product as mine who also have these crashing issues which are due to a faulty driver.
So I decided to pick up the glove and open a support case so you can help me with this, again I can't pinpoint where the problem is with the video card driver or the processor driver but one of them has a problem that causes the computer to crash all the time.
Right now the current situation is that I installed a new clean operating system Win11Pro and installed offline drivers that we downloaded from the Minisforums website (the drivers on the website are in older versions) and in the meantime the computer turns on (the second time I've turned it on since I installed the system restarted with the drivers).

I have an intel i9 processor PC at home which has never given me any trouble, I said this time when I decided to buy a Mini PC go for an AMD processor don't let me regret buying it.

Please help me because I'm desperate already.


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Journeyman III

I have exactly the same problem as you and with exactly the same hardware.
This UM790 Pro doesn't seem reliable. I've tried everything, reinstalling Windows, upgrading Firmware, changing memories and NVMe and nothing solves the crashes. I've tried contacting MinisForum and they don't respond. In a quick Google search I found several people with the same problem.

First update your BIOS version 1.04 which is outdated to version 1.09 listed on the link you posted.

Bios v1.09
7.06 MB


Updating your BIOS to the latest version should help Hardware/Software compatibility issues with your PC thus make drivers more compatible.

When you first install Windows 11 Pro go to Group Policy and disable Windows Update driver so that way Windows Update won't overwrite your current drivers in your Mini PC: elevenforum- enable-or-disable-include-drivers-with-windows-updates-in-windows-11.2232/ 


Now you should install all the driver's from the Chinese OEM Support site and install them including the Graphics, Chipset, etc.

See if it keeps crashing with similar BSODs errors. It sounds like Windows Update is overwriting and installing a driver that isn't compatible with one or more hardware in your MiniPC.

In the future try entering Windows Safe Mode and see if it keeps crashing or not, just for troubleshooting purposes or do a Windows Clean boot to see if it is a 3rd party startup driver causing the issue : How to perform a clean boot in Windows 

NOTE: For the time being once you get your Mini PC stable then you might want to update with AMD drivers but first just use the Chinese OEM Drivers since they should be 100% compatible.

Also under AMD Download page for your APU Ryzen 9 7940HS latest AMD Driver Release Notes, I don't see the Radeon 780M as being listed as being compatible:

Screenshot 2023-12-22 163724.png


1. I have already updated to version 1.09 in the bios, this still did not solve it, the crashes still continued to happen and again the NVME card was not recognized at all in Boot, I had to disassemble it to format manually, reconnect it to the mini PC and then try to reinstall Win11Pro, does this seem normal to you? In my opinion, not at all.

2. Are you saying that the automatic update of Win11Pro drivers should be disabled according to this guide:

3. Install the drivers from the official Chinese Minisforums website after disabling Win11Pro updates (in section 2)

4. The question is, is this a problem at the Win11Pro level, which installs and replaces the drivers with the automatic update, or is it a problem of the manufacturer making compatibility with the current drivers that the hardware manufacturers have?

5. As if the first thing after reinstalling Win11Pro + canceling the automatic updates of Win11Pro drivers.
It is to go to the Chinese website Minisforums and install all the drivers from there and only then update the AMD drivers from their official website..? As if the base of the drivers should be from the Chinese site Minisforums?

6. It does not appear as a video card category only, but as a driver for the AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS processor, you need to search for drivers for this processor and then you have two options, download only the driver only without extensions and you have another option to download the entire extended package of the driver.