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Adept I

My computers monitor displays no signal, ryzen 5 3400G

My computer display shows no signal then goes black and I then have to turn off the power to shut the pc down then re boot as it will not shutdown using the power button or reboot button, it appears to only happen when I play one game(world of warplanes), it has shown no signal at other times but it has resolved itelf in a few seconds when I hit a few keys. Build is a Ryzen 5 3400g(rx vega 11 graphics) cpu, Gigabyte X570 Aorus elite MB, 16gb Corsair LDX Vengeance ram, Corsair RM 650 PSU, win 10 pro, Thermaltake View TG Snow case with 5 fans, Viewsonic vx2476-smhd monitor. Starting to wonder if the built in graphics are the problem and if I need to get a stand alone graphics card, I dont play games very often and the build was mainly for office work/web work so didnt really want to get a graphics card, really need info as to whether or not it is the built in graphics