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Journeyman III

motherboard information amd A88F2EKS

good morning guys. I have a model of amd motherboard in the photo below. I cannot find the technical specifications on the amd website. I would like to know what processors it supports.


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Please download SPECCY and run it and post a image of the Motherboard specs. That should clarify which exact Motherboard you have.

From what I can see there is no Motherboard model A88F2EKS.

EDIT: I googled the AMD CHIPSET K15IMC and found that it is used in a HP and  Toshiba and most likely other Computers.

Also seems to be a very old Motherboard that uses that AMD CHIPSET drivers.

Please post as much of your computer information as possible. Using SPECCY will help you with that if you don't know. But if your Motherboard is a OEM Motherboard, like a HP made OEM Motherboard, you will need to contact the Manufacturer of the computer with the motherboard you have installed.

Is this a Desktop PC or a Laptop? 

What Processor does it have installed?

GPU card installed?


good morning guys sorry for the delay. the motherboard is from a friend. was not with me. here is the posting of the information. it's a desktop computer

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-26 at 23.56.52.jpegWhatsApp Image 2021-04-26 at 23.57.21.jpeg

I can't find any information on a AMD made motherboard A88F2EKS (PO).

Is this a OEM prebuilt PC made by AMD or by some other manufacturer?

Best I advice I can give you is open a AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and asked where you can find information on that OEM AMD Motherboard from here:

Also looking at your SPECCY data, if it is correct, you have a defective PSU.

+3.3v - 1.968v  Minimum 5% tolerance is 3.135v

+5.0v - 3.347v Minimum 5% tolerance is 4.75v

+12v- 8.112v  Minimum 5% tolerance is 11.4v

With those reading the computer shouldn't even boot up.

EDIT: As an example, I have an 8+ year old Corsair 850 Watt PSU here is are my readings from SPECCY:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 073647.png