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Journeyman III

Motherboard for Ryzen 5

I’m upgrading my first homebuilt system. I put this thing together 7-8 years ago and it has served me well until the last 12-18 months. I recently retired with lots more free time I’ve started the research to upgrade my system.

I admit to not being a huge gamer, but - I play and (it goes without saying) the grandkids love it. I want a solid CPU so I decided to upgrade to an ADM Ryzen 2600/2600X and am trying to decide between the following 3 motherboards:

  1. 1.   ASUS Rog Strix X470-F Gaming
  2. 2.   asRock X470 Taichi
  3. 3.   ASAU Crosshair VI Hero

I’ll purchase new Ram (16g), maybe a new power supply (if needed), a new video card and whatever I need, but there’s no need to get more then I’ll use. I prefer to tinker more than gameplay but I do need it for some light consulting, music and video work.

Any advice is welcome and I’m having a blast with this rebuild.

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Honestly I'd pay a little more ($50) and step up to the ASUS Crosshair VII Hero, as the X470 chipset does have additional features over the X370, such as improved precision boost overdrive, plus being newer it is likely to have more and faster BIOS updates to improve performance compared to the Crosshair VI.