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Journeyman III

Monitors turning off when idle in game

Hi i have 3 monitors, when im idle in game or after being idle in game and i continue playing for a few minutes sometimes maybe 0-4 times in 10 hrs the monitors will shut off but the PC will keep running.

I built this pc about 6 months ago.

Windows 10

Ryzen 7 3700x

Msi x570 Gaming plus

Gigabyte Vega 56

PSU corsair TX650M 80+ gold

My processor runs about 63 degrees c

GPU about 45-60 c

It seems to do it mostly in world of warcraft game, i have played and finished higher demand games like shadow of the tomb raider without many if any shutdowns.

I would of thought it was a temp problem if the temps were high and the whole PC was shutting down.

I have checked that my monitors and other setting are selected never to hibernate or sleep etc.

Im lost as what to do.

Any help please.

Thanks Mark

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