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Adept II

Monitor suggestion with 7900xtx

I have a 7900xtx and a FHD gaming monitor. I want to upgrade my monitor but not sure what to get. I play MW2 and the new MW3. MW3 on ultra 1080p has some lag. So I’m not sure what to get to make use of my 7900xtx card. 

4k OLED 

4k IPS

1440p OLED

another option?


money is a factor. 

would an extra wide monitor affect GPU performance?  Anyone play MW3 or 2 on ultra wide?


anything I’m not thinking about. 

thank you. 

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Look for reviews of both game versions that compare resolutions perf., would probably give some insight.


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Adept II

I ended up with teh Alienware AW3423DWF and I love it!  The colors are amazing and the blacks are so dark.  The widescreen is way better than I anticipated and I am so pleased.  On all settings Ultra - FPS is 180 and no motion issues as it is a .1 ms.