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Journeyman III

[MEMORY] FSB:DRAM nosync / DRAM Frequency: 933 MHz


I have a HP Pavilion Laptop 15  with AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile 3500U.

I added 2 new memory cards in the 2 slots.

2x Kingston Fury (Micron) SO-DIMM 8GB DDR4-2666  CAS#Latency 14

It was 1x Samsung SO-DIMM 8GB DDR4-2666  CAS#Latency 19

My question is ... i saw in CPU-Z FSB:DRAM nosync.  nosynch and DRAM Frequency: 933 MHz is that right?

Must it not be much higher than 933?

Some other info:

DMI Processor
manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
model AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx
clock speed 2100.0 MHz
FSB speed 100.0 MHz
multiplier 21.0x
max clock speed 3700.0 MHz

DMI Physical Memory Array
location Motherboard
usage System Memory
correction None
max capacity 32 GB
max# of devices 2

ACPI timer 3.580 MHz
Perf timer 10.000 MHz
Sys timer 1.000 KHz

Number of cores 4 (max 4)
Number of threads 8 (max

TDP Limit 15.0 Watts
Core Speed 2303.0 MHz
Multiplier x Bus Speed 23.25 x 99.1 MHz
Base frequency (cores) 99.1 MHz
Base frequency (mem.) 99.1 MHz



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