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Journeyman III

loading Linux

Hi there, I am classing myself as a newbie as I have never tried to load a Linux OS before this month.

I am a Silver Surfer, I can load any windows OS , and build my own desktop computers.

But I cannot load a Linux 'distro'.  My CPU is the AMD Phenom 2 x6 cores 1075T.  I am reading that I should deactivate Cool'n'Quiet in the Bios.... Done it... still can't load Linux.

I have tried a wide range of distros from Intel's Clear Linux; Super Ubuntu 21.04 AMD64;  Linux Solus 4.2 Plasma x64; 

Open Suse Leap 15.3 x64 bit & others.  The result is always the same, ending with Kernel panic not syncing,.... fatal exception.


Is there a known fix or a Linux that WILL work with my cpu ?



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Adept I

You possibly need an older distro.

Make sure you're Booting to BIOS, and if UEFI is installed, try disabling Secureboot.

I'm guessing that UEFI is not used on that machine, but it could.

Also, try grabbing that last bios available for your system, but only if it's available from the OEM.

Journeyman III

Thanx for that comment.

As far as I can see, this Gigabyte Bios hasn't got anything resembling "UEFI or Secureboot".

I have looked into all sections/lines/headings.... nothing.

I have now tried loading the older Ubuntu 9.10 & Linux Mint 4 "Debbie" with no luck, I have only 'Peppermint' to test today.

However so far neither has produced the FATAL ERROR as with up-to-date distros.

Regards  Rogerr2d2


Go into the BIOS/Setup menu and set the Fail Safe defaults on your bios and try to load linux; possibly and older version.

If you get a kernel panic, reboot and press "e" on boot. remove the "Quiet" option from the boot menu entry and press enter.

Google the error message to find out what's failing.

You could try setting Fail Safe defaults in the BIOS and see if that resolves the issue.

Maybe run Memtest to see if memory is working.

Journeyman III

I've never tried to install Ubuntu because I've always had some problems with this distro. It will sound corny, but I advise you to look at the detailed guides on YouTube on the full installation of Ubuntu for Linux. I don't like Ubuntu because it seems to me that a distro like CentOS works much better on Linux. I came to this based on my experience of using this distro, I may certainly be wrong and so on, but I just decided to advise you to use CentOS better as a beginner, since it is easier to install on Linux.