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Journeyman III

Issues with AMD RX 480

Genuine question.

I have an RX 480 and over a year ago I seem to had come across the delightful blatant garbage design of the card. That issue being that it draws so much power from the motherboard it causes a system crash.

Then there's the garbage drivers. Update the driver, have a new issue introduced which involves your graphics drivers crashing upon using hardware acceleration with a web browser, even crashing so hard at one point those drivers seemingly didn't load after the computer was unresponsive.

And this is just inexcusable for the latest driver version. It genuinely seems like they're just introducing these issues that render your computer experience almost unusable without underclocking the card and disabling hardware acceleration or having to wipe your drivers with DDU.



I guess you could say I was a fanboy of AMD and that I really did want to stick with AMD. I even had plans to move to Ryzen for my next build (from Intel)


With the absolutely awful experience I have had with AMD. I may just move to Nvidia for graphics and stick with Intel, because for a company like AMD all this trouble is genuinely inexcusable. What a nightmare of an experience it has been.

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Shame, I have always used AMD too..

I read about a lot of people having problems, maybe I am lucky as I don't seem to get any problems..

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