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Journeyman III

Is this bottleneck?

I have amd ryzen 3 3100 and Rx 570 4gb...most of the games I play shows 30% utilisation on my CPU and 100% on my this what you call a bottleneck.

I am assuming my GPU needs an upgrade, but when I check for compatibility of a newer GPU (like Rx 6600) with my 3100 it says the CPU is weak for the GPU selected.

Please recommend which GPU should I go for or any other suggestions if you have.

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Volunteer Moderator

The 3100 is pretty weak if you are looking for higher FPS gaming experiences. Even my 5700X is pretty weak for more CPU demanding titles. If it were me with that setup I would invest in a platform upgrade and an RX 7600. It would be more expensive but also a more leveled out experience for most games. 

Again this is just what I would do, and the bottleneck all depends on what experience you want while gaming. Of course most would prefer high FPS at ultra in most games, but with the recent releases absolutely needing upscaling, friends of mine with high end systems are struggling to maintain 60FPS at 1440p ultra with FSR in the newest triple A titles. 

A nice balanced build for 1080p gaming would be something like the R5 7600X, 32GB DDR5, and the RX 7600 or RX 7700 XT. 

Don't get me wrong the RX 6000 series can pump out some serious performance, but I wouldn't invest in the 6000 series if I were to say upgrade my cousins rig knowing the benefits of the RX 7000 series. 

In short yes the R3 3100 is going to bottleneck your FPS if you are looking at high refresh rate gaming, or plan to play the newest triple A games. I would upgrade. If you don't have the option for AM5 then try to find an R7 5800X3D. This chip performs nearly the same as the Ryzen 7000 series, while, to my knowledge, the 7000X3D lineup just demolishes every other offering. 

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