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Journeyman III

is there anyway to get Micro Center to honor their AMD Red Zone promo?

Micro Center has the Red Zone promo running ( AMD Red Zone  ) and after you purchase the product they say they have run out of codes. It says nothing about this on their site and they say they are working on taking down their promo and that they can't do anything to fix the situation so I am still screwed... what can be done on AMDs part? This seems like a scam or at least false advertising to me.

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You should have inquired with Micro Center about the codes before purchasing the qualified AMD Product as per AMD Terms & Conditions for Game Bundle:

In this soon to expire AMD Promotion the codes comes from the Authors of the games:

I suggest you open a AMD Support ticket and see what they recommend from here: 

Journeyman III

I am now aware of those terms, but they are listed on a different website by a different company with no link between the two. It's very unreasonable to have to find seemingly unconnected fine print. When a store has a sale you don't ask about the fine print - they tell you outright to avoid liability, because they definitely would be liable.

In addition, COVID makes it difficult to actually talk with anyone in the store... I am waiting for a reply back from a manager but they definitely can't honor the promo as advertised.


Open a AMD Rewards Support ticket and see what they recommend.

It is possible that maybe AMD may give out more codes to Micro Center. 

Best to ask AMD Rewards Support that question.

Without the Game codes from Micro Center you can't open a AMD Rewards account to redeem the games.

NOTE: I have attached the two current 2020 AMD Promotions for you to download and read yourself if interested since you didn't post which AMD Product you purchased from Micro Center.