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Adept I

Is rx 6800 worth it?

I got my hands on the RX 6800 and it was okay at first but now keeps crashing.

I heard that they not making them no more so if it true then what happens to everyone who got one?

Anyone else who has one running fine or you having problems too?


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Journeyman III

It depends on which graphics card you currently have. I currently have a Sapphire Radeon RX6800 OC Pulse and no problems. Runs perfectly with a 750 watt power supply.


What kind of crash is occurring? Tell us so we can help you. And also, do you have a strong enough power supply?


corsoir 1050 watt

random crashes to desktop while playing a game.


One fix that always works for me (fixing black screen crashes or crashes to desktop) is to reinstall my graphic driver with a factory reset and deletion of saved precepts. You do a factory reset directly at the beginning of the driver installation, and then comes the deletion of precepts.

It seems AMD's drivers have a tendency to fail if one updates them with an old driver already preexisting. Also, after Windows 10 updates, the AMD driver also fails to work many times and black screen crashes occurs. But this is usually fixed with the latest drivers by AMD fixing the issue, and a factory reset completely deletes the old drivers and saved precepts before reinstalling it a new.

I speak from personal experience and this has happened to me many times, and I would not know what to do if this fix did not work for me, and I would probably have switched to Nvidia long time ago if I could not have resolved the issue satisfactorily.

It does not hurt trying.

Good luck!


Some reports success by undervolting and underclocking the graphics card.

Again, it does not hurt trying.


Never do overclocking on anything so underclocking I have no idea but I think the software gives you the chance to do that but I bought cause of clock speed so shame I have to downgrade but if it works then at least I will know.

I did a clean install buddy cause thought it might have been the problem, even deleted every folder saying AMD to be safe before reinstall but still does it.

I can only play at weekend cause of work so can only test out when playing has much has I can then.