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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

In this time period, have AMD developed their MX-Radeon series time distortion warp drives?

Hello to the people at AMD community,

You'll probably think I'm some strange lunatic for asking this string of questions.

I come from a period in time far, far from your own.

2103, to be exact.

In the year 2103, I managed to source a MX-Radeon time distortion warp drive to put the final component into building what you consider a ''time machine'', where it selects a parallel universe of your choosing and warps you there via time-distortion teleportation relative to the dynamic location of a parallel universe in contrast with it's close-by celestial bodies.

In essence, it teleports from one planet to another very quickly to reach the edge of a universe, teleports through the barrier and keeps on going until it reaches it's location.

Unfortunately, I hadn't taken into account that universe 28B-4A84J had experienced the Big Crunch, as you call it, and I've ended up in Universe 28B-4A85A.

And then my TD-TD (time distortion teleportation device) stopped functioning.

Since I am not a knowledgeable time-traveller (in fact, I'm quite a novice), I failed to brush up on previous centuries' history, so I have no way of telling whether AMD even sell this kind of product in this time period.

The only thing I need is the AMD MX-Radeon 4500N chip that can fit in a Socket X-J type magnetised processor bay, since I failed to provide adequate cooling for the chip and, due to the high stress of computing the most efficient and safe planet-teleportation route (not to mention the actual teleportation), it overheated and died.

I'm counting my lucky stars that it survived long enough for me to get to Earth.

So, do they sell this type of chip? If so, where can I obtain one?

Much obliged,

Malentine Bentley, sector 39-B, pod 65, cryo-chamber 3.

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Re: In this time period, have AMD developed their MX-Radeon series time distortion warp drives?

Go back a few more years and try Radioshack.