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Re: Im selling my AMD cards

Nvidia has so much clout that everyone listens. Well they worked hard for it (riva TNT vs. S3). But AMD also did their homework and work hard:, .Vulkan and OpenGPU push was not appreciated even though it  was suppose to simplify the process.

Big Boss

Re: Im selling my AMD cards

pokester wrote:

Just curious as I own over 700 games and literally only a few use punkbuster that I know of. Even several that did have released patches removing it. When I look at PB setup it has less than 10 games in the pull down menu now. Is punkbuster using a different setup in the new titles you say use it? Can you name some modern AAA titles that use it? Just curious as I don't usually pay much attention to these things and kinda thought it's usage had almost dropped off to non-existence myself. I don't claim to be any expert at this and found your conversation interesting.

Punkbuster seems to have faded with the move to downloaded games. Steam and Origin have various checks to prevent tampering with games.

I have lots of CD and DVD games and a few bundle Punkbuster, but since then it has been replaced with Denuvo and other schemes.