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Adept I

Im facing problems with my Acer nitro 5 AN515-41

experiencing low framerates, stutters, freezes. the laptop came with windows 10, I reinstalled win7 to see what happens, gained about 40 fps on csgo. funny thing, GTAV just started as apu and there was no way to start it with dedicated rx 550m. and another thing is how come my old system with ddr3 800mhz ,xfx r7 250, i3-3220, was better framertes in some games than this laptop.

cs go on windows 10 is pain. with win7 I played 1440p about avg 90/100fps (witht that radeon settings super res thigy) now I reinstalled to win10 so the laptop is with original everything etc, its about avg 60/65 fps on 4:3 800x600(stretched)plus freezes. I didnt expect all this from this laptop. all I could think of is bottleneck somewhere or smth like that. should I reapply thermo paste, or what? on my old system I played arma 2 dayz mod, as monitor was 1400x900 I played 900p, med settings and 40-50 fps. now on 720p lowest I can get so its not too blurry on this laptop is avg 30 with drops. like HOW?!?!?!?!?!

Im confused af

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