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Adept II

I have a couple of questions about my hardware.

First question: Is 82° okay with pbo on with my 5600x reaching 4.65ghz all core? The only time it reaches 82° is r23 runs, gaming usually tops out at 65°. The cooler is a Artic Cooler Freezer 13 CO. The other question is: Is the rx 6600 that much better than a rx 570 4gb to upgrade to? I have a Samsung Lc24rg50 1080p 144hz monitor. The most demanding game I play is gta 5.

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Long Story Short:

Maximum 65ºC during gaming, I'd say its All Good!

RX6600 is a much better card than the RX570, the Polaris cards were very good but its showing its age.
Although, the RX6600 may not be as future proof today as the RX570 was, with that said:

If you are on a thigh budget and can spend a few bucks more, get the 6650XT. You can squeeze an extra 10fps and sometimes more.

The Englishman