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Journeyman III

HP Laptop 14-dk1025wm Very Inconsistent FPS When Gaming

idk if this a HP prop or something to with AMD so im post this post on HPs forums and AMDs so i hope someone can tell me whats wrong. 

this laptop has a Ryzen 3 APU on it. i know its not the best but for what i want it does the job. but as u can tell in the title and in the TY video i linked i will get from playable FPS to unplayable FPS over and over again. some games will work just fine the first time i play. then they next i play that same game it will stupid have horrible FPS to where the only way to fix it is to HARD restart the laptop. IDK whats wrong with this laptop but its at a point now to where im thinking of returning it. 

the first 10 mins is me changing out the ram for a set of ram at the same speed then playing a bit of genshin impact. from 12:14 - 15:50 i play halo 3 and 4. from 15:50 - 19:08 i play halo2 with horrible FPS and the only was i seemd to have fixed it was to pause the game for 30sec and that seemed to fix it but it still doesnt matter cuz it still happens to this day and its very very inconsistent on when it happens. thats why this vidoe is over a hour long. thoug i would say to watch watch the parts i time stamped to so u can have a idea on what im talking about