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Journeyman III

Help needed, Driver timed out on new games ASAP

Hello all, I come to you in a time of despair, I am doing my best to fix it for the last 12 DAYS, I did everything, Disabble C&Q mode, update my bios, update my graphic drivers,updated my windows, Reinstalled the games and OS,DDU,Safe mode,Clean boot, Thermal paste, Cleaning the whole pc and every component. But i just cant figure out what in the actual bleep is wrong, The thing is every game that has a cutscene crashes, it starts a cutscene and it goese on for a few seconds but then it freezes and the screen either turns black and crashes to desktop or it just crashes without the black screen. I can not figure out what is the issue, I HOPE AND PRAY THAT SOMEONE HERE KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT. This is just pure insanity now. Please for the love of god help me out someone .Specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor 3.40 GHz, 16GB Ram, 64Bit windows 10 Pro version 20H2, Radeon RX 580 series. When I try to play any game I get the We detected a driver timeout has occurred on your system message right after my game crashes