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Journeyman III

HDR Recordings Have Horrible Colors

Hey everyone,

I've been using the Instant-Replay recording feature for a while and never had issues. However, I upgraded to an HDR monitor and started playing games in HDR.


Now all my recordings have horrific colors. I think they might have been recorded in an SDR color space? Or do I need special software to play them in HDR?


I tried looking online but apparently there is no standard way to convert HDR to SDR. Anyone know what I could do to salvage this footage? White balance adjustment did nothing and I'm not 100% sure what's wrong with it.

This seems to be all games not just Cyberpunk, happens all multiple driver versions.

Pic related.







1 Solution
HDR recording is not supported using ReLive at this time, so you can expect to see this behaviour unless you disable HDR prior to recording.

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You can always disable HDR in Windows Settings.

I know when I purchased a HDR supported Monitor and turned on HDR I had all types of weird colors including the entire screen being pink or orange etc.

After disabling HDR everything work normally again. Since then I haven't enabled HDR in Windows anymore.

My videos and games like fine to me without HDR enabled.

NOTE: You can check your Monitor's Settings for HDR settings and see if they are configured correctly, if applicable. Also do the same thing in Radeon Settings and Windows Settings - Display for HDR settings where you can adjust the color for HDR.

Same here...I disabled HDR and I use sRGB monitor profile:





HDR recording is not supported using ReLive at this time, so you can expect to see this behaviour unless you disable HDR prior to recording.

"At this time"...are you able to share if HDR recording with ReLive is being actively developed? I'm a new 6800 XT user and generally liking the entire AMD experience a lot so far! But I had hoped some of the nice recording and live streaming options built into the tools would handle things like this by now. Especially with Windows 11 and Auto HDR, I'm finding myself playing with HDR enabled the vast majority of the time. It would really be great to hear when we might see HDR recording enabled. Thanks!

Adept I

I just noticed this same issue when switching to an HDR monitor.

I've been uploading gameplay videos to GabTV and the change in color output is easily noticeable.

Both the God of War and Hellblade footage were captured while HDR is enabled.


God of War looks completely unsaturated....almost black and white. 


Hellblade looks too dark, and some of the colors are completely wrong.

Both of these game looked absolutely amazing at the time I was playing them. 


This is a good camera for young musicians who just want a music video. Not great for profession musicians looking for a good promo video. 


Just got KB5010342 from Windows Update today. Looked it up and one of the fixes are -

"Updates a known issue that might prevent some image editing programs from rendering colors correctly on certain high dynamic range (HDR) displays. This frequently affects white colors that might display in bright yellow or other colors."

Windows 10 KB5010342 & KB5010345 updates released 

See if that fixes your issue.

/sig Fun guy.

It fixed an issue I was having taking screenshots with the snipping tool, but unfortunately did not fix my HDR recording issue.


Anyone from AMD see this and can fix this?

There needs to be a way to record a NON-HDR video of a game WHILE HDR IS ENABLED.


Is this possible?