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Journeyman III

Green Screen Crash with Radeon RX 6950 XT

Hi everyone,

I iust completed a new build,, all components bought new: Intel i7-13700k, Peerless Assassin 120, Asrock Pro Z790 RS Wifi Motherboard, 32 GB DDR5 5600 RAM (2x16GB Corsair Vengeance), 2 TB WD Black SN850X NVMe.2, XFX Merc Radeon 6950XT, Corsair RMx Series 1000x 1000W 80 Plus Certified Gold PSU.  Phanteks Case is well ventilated and fans on front/top/bottom/rear.  Installed Windows 11 Home 22H2 and Adrenaline 23.7.2.

My problem is similar to this person's see 

System keeps crashing when playing Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm ~12-15 minutes into the game.  Only games, system does not crash when web browsing, emailing, etc.  Doesn't matter if I play the game or leave the game in the main menu, after 12-15 minutes, screen turns green and system crashes/freezes.  Screen turns completely green, no error codes, no words, keyboard/mouse not responsive, so need to force a reboot.  Windows event viewer keeps showing fatal hardware error event ID 1 after every green screen crash.  No memory dump files, which is odd.

I've since: Bios updated, set RAM speed in BIOS to 5600 Mhz from auto. Performed: Western Digital NVMe tests, RAM stress test, Intel CPU test, Adrenaline GPU stress test, Furmark test for 30min with no errors, all passed. Reseated RAM and Video card. Switched from 1 (was using pig tail connectors) to using 2 separate PCIe cables (not using pig tail connectors) from PSU to the GPU, and also disabled MPO. Still get green screen. CPU temps ~30 degrees C at idle, GPU temp ~65C during Furmark test.

I've used DDU to remove Adrenaline 23.7.2 and then installed Adrenaline 23.5.2; still green screen crash.  Even tried swapping HDMI cables and monitors, still green screen crash.

I tried what @Rosetta did above and adjusting Windows power plan, but mine is already at "Balanced."  So I tried changing: "Turn off hard disk after" from 20min to 360min, and also changed PCI Express->Link State Power Management-> Off.   Still green screen crash.  What's odd is when the monitor turns completely green, if I turn off the monitor and turn it back, there is no image.

HWInfo shows CPU temp mid 30 degrees C and GPU 50 degrees C at crash.

Hoping someone here on this board can help resolve this issue.  Is this a driver or setting issue, or do I need to RMA the card?  Getting frustrated...

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Journeyman III

According to the 6950XT HDMI output is 2.1; the HDMI cable I'm using is 2.0, and I'm connecting it to a BENQ RL2460HT Monitor (only has 60Hz). 

Would using a 2.0 HDMI cable cause the green screen crash?

Edit: I downloaded OCCT and all stress tests came back with no errors.


have you found how to fix this problem?


Yes. I decided to return the card to Amazon after I was able to game directly without crashing off the Intel integrated GPU.  That led me to believe the card was defective.  After exchanging for another XFX 6950XT all games work fine now, no more green crashes and video/gaming is stable.