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Journeyman III

Graphics Card Randomly Shuts Off and occasionally disconnects

I've had this issue for a while wherein, at random intervals, at random levels of stress, my graphics card shuts off.

PC remains on and I can still interact with whatever software I was using, be that just my browser or a game.

I'm not the most tech savvy person, but I've done my best to try and trouble shoot this as well as doing some light fixes. I've excluded pretty much everything I can think of and no fixes has seemed to work.
I've done everything from turning it off and on again, to a fresh, clean install of everything. I've tried reassembling the pc and I've tried simply shouting at it. I'm stumped.

I've no real idea of what relevant system information could be useful or even needed to know in this kinda situation, so I'll provide it in replies.

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