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Journeyman III

Graphics card drop

I was in line early this morning for the graphics card drop I waited atleast 72 minutes I got into it grabbed a 6700xt put in my information payment shipping etc then I’m click on place order I get sent back in line for a more then an hour wait what kind of bs is that amd cmon now I’m running with a 1070 and your gonna play games with me like this I don’t plan on ever waiting in amd line for that bs on top of that I waited again in another 20 mins and what does it say ALL GRAPHICS CARDS ARE OUT OF STOP  

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Adept II

Yeah, well you and thousands of others have been trying every Thursday for many months. They don't care. They sold the GPUs. 


And we will wait months from now with zero chance to have a glance to see a gpu in stock and buy the desired gpu lol .

R.I.P gpus