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Adept I

gpu and cpu hotter than normal rx 550

when idle i normally get around 30C on gpu and cpu. but when i started up my pc it was at 38.

when i'm gaming its normally really low around 40-55 but today it was at 70 and got up higher and higher.

i looked a good temp for my gpu and everyone said it should be under 80.


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according to a Blog that posts all the Maximum Operating Temperatures of CPUs and GPUs it mentions the Maximum Operating Temperature of the RX 550 is:

Screenshot 2023-01-30 155027.png


so if your GPU is reaching around 70 then it is still well within its maximum temperature range.

If both the CPU and GPU are running hotter than normal could indicate a dirty PC with poor air circulation.

Make sure all the PC Air Filters are clean and all the Case, CPU, and GPU Fans are clean and turning easily without noise.

You didn't mention the Make & Model of your CPU so I can find out what its Maximum Operating Temperature is. but if you notice that it is constantly running much hotter than before you might want to change the Thermal Paste on the CPU Cooler if the CPU Cooler is functioning correctly and is clean.

Adept I

well it almost gets to 80 but yesterday it was only at 45



One way to test your thermal range is by stress testing the CPU and GPU to see how hot it gets under very heavy loads.

OCCT is a very good freeware diagnostic stress testing software that also stress test your PSU.

Adept I

it goes up to 45-50 but when i start up csgo its automattically going up to 70C in game but normally this is 45-50


How old is your RX 550 GPU card?

Does it still have the original Thermal paste on it?

Have you tried to create a more aggressive Fan curve or profile in Radeon Settings so that the fan starts going at maximum at a lower temperature?

If you remove the side panel on your PC does the GPU temperature slight lower than when you have it sealed up?

The card is about 1 1/2

It still has the original paste

I tried to double the fan speed but it did not help that much

With the side panel of i dont see that much change

I think its just weird because it happens so fast and also on cpu but not as effective as my gpu


Thanks for the update.

Sounds like you have good air flow inside your PC then since there was no temperature change with the side panel off.

If the Thermal Paste is 1 1/2 year old and you have the PC on all the time maybe the Thermal paste is losing its efficiency in removing heat even though it is still doing its job from preventing overheating your GPU card.

BUT if your GPU card is still under Warranty you might want to ask if they believe the GPU card needs to be turned in or if you can change the thermal paste yourself without voiding the Warranty on the GPU card if it is still under warranty.

after all that said:

But personally if the GPU temps are fairly common except for that one game that you posted, I don't see any reason to do anything physically to your GPU card except maybe run that one specific game at a lower game settings.

When the GPU temps are above 70c all the time then I would start checking the fans and maybe replacing the Thermal paste. Not sure if you change the Thermal paste you also have to change the thermal pads if applicable.

Anyway you can look at YouTube videos to show you how to do it correctly.