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FYI: ASHLEY_AMD just posted the Ranking System for AMD Forums

This  User opened a thread concerning the Ranking System so he can enter a AMD Promotion at another AMD Forum.

So both SAM_AMD & ASHLEY_AMD replied and posted the following AMD RANKING SYSTEM at that thread:

Screenshot 2022-01-13 123521.png


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Adept III

It would also be useful to note how many points for each rank and activity. You should go back and link this on the contest entry page where Novice III is mentioned.

In the old AMD Format about a couple of years ago AMD did have a point system in place to show where you ranked at AMD Forums but that was removed  in the new AMD Forums format.

In the old AMD Forum you were able to receive and give away points to and from other Users. But like I mentioned that feature has be removed.

Basically to reach Novice III just keep posting and replying and Liking at AMD Forums and generally stay active. You will reach Novice III quickly.

Thanks this was helpful.

Journeyman III

Oh, you are asking too much!   ;^)

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Adept III

will the user's GPU and CPU run smoother if their ranking goes up? asking for a friend lol

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