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Adept I


I'm experiencing huge FPS Drops in both Warzone and F1 2020.

In the loading screen it is over 200FPS but when I enter Warzone or a Race in F1 2020 my Frame Rates drop to less than 50FPS with stutter. 

I am using a 6700 XT paired with a Ryzen 5 3600. There is no CPU Bottleneck and I have removed the drivers and reinstalled them and the issue still persists. 

I have also turned my PCIE to x16 

Is there anything else I can try as I am now out of ideas?


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Try going to properties of the game's .exe file, check "run as administrator" and "disable fullscreen optimizations". I doubt it'll help but seems like the only option ppl didn't try yet (there were others with same problem).


The "200 FPS" during the loading screen means nothing. 
The GPU is running at low load and effort...
Likely loading textures into the VRAM etc...
The FPS will be high during the loading screen unless you set Global FRTC to limit it. 
That is not often done since it can increase load times though. 

Compare performance of your system and settings to benchmarks on the same game with your CPU and GPU. 
Maybe the new RX6000 series GPUs run badly on old DX11 games?
Run DX12 or Vulkan if you can.