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Found interesting Maximums for the 6000 Series GPU card

While answering a User's question who was asking for the Maximum voltages of several 6000 series GPU Cards I came upon a Tom's Hardware article about the RX 6950 XT vBIOS for both MSI and Sapphire GPU cards.

Here is that part I uploaded to the User:

Screenshot 2022-11-22 150337.png

The above Thermal Limits is probably the same for all 6000 series GPU cards since they all have the same 110c Maximum Operating Temperatures.

It shows the GPU will Shut Down temperature is 118c

Maximum Operating Temperature for the Hot Spot is 110c.

Not sure when it mentions the Fan Stop will start at 50c and stop at 60c. I presume they are talking about the Zero RPM Feature of the GPU card.

So if anyone wants to know the Maximums of their GPU card download its vBIOS and open it.

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Big Boss

Ouch, 118º.. that is a lot!

I'm not used to that kind of temps, for me they won't go past 60-65º
70ºC is already in overclock.
But RoG do makes cards with massive heat sinks.

The Fan start makes sense at 50ºC

The fan stop at 60ºC, now that I can't understand why.

The Englishman

The only thing that comes to mind is that Zero RPM feature is enabled between 50c -60c. After 60c that regular internal Fan controls take over. Otherwise I also don't understand those temps in relation to the GPU card.


Notebooks currently often can ramp up their CPU's to 100-110 degrees.
Then it will throttle
And it will shutdown at higher temp because it will mean that something is seriously wrong, if throttle was no help.

Also 60-65 degrees on hotspot? That's unlikely. Edge, maybe, but hotspot can be up to 25-30 degrees higher. Especially with overclock.

And about start/stop, maybe they mialigned those. Through MPT on my 6750XT i clearly see Stop at 50, start at 60 degrees.

So, nothing new, actually you could've known this long ago...








I will also say that compared to 6750XT, lowest cards can have 1150 mV max voltage instead of 1200, SOC iirc is also a bit lower...
6900/6950XT have bit higher VCLK and DCLK iirc

So... Again, nothing new was shown.


Maybe to you all that is familiar and nothing new but for other Users it isn't.

Plus you can't really compare a Laptop thermals to a Desktop thermals the same way you can't compare CPU thermals to GPU thermals.

Laptop CPUs generally are engineered to have a higher thermal limit than Desktop CPUs. The highest Ryzen operating temperature for a Desktop is 95c, as far as I am aware of, while laptop CPU thermal operating limits can be way above 100c.

Intel Desktop CPUs do have higher maximum operating temperatures around 100c. With latest Intel CPUs I don't know if that is the case or not.

So I don't know why you even bothered posting about laptop CPU thermals when this thread has nothing to do with CPUs but GPUs.

Plus the GPU Fans Zero RPM and Fan Control is based on the GPU's Hot Spot temperature. So when the GPU is first powered on it is very likely below 50c.

Plus this is the first time I actually see the Shut Down temperature for a GPU card, at least for the 6000 series GPU card and most likely the 5000 Series GPU cards that have the same Maximum operating temperature limits.


The max temps are nothing new, but the fan start stop is what puzzles me. Why only 10 degrees?

Could this perhaps be a cause of some of the issues users are posting black screens etc. about.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

Nah, it is defaults for Zero-RPM mode. Fans won't start working until GPU hits 60 degrees.
And fans won't stop spinning until GPU cools down to 50.

After that basic setup it can be overwritten via software.