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Journeyman III

FoldingAtHome in need of C++ programmer with MacOS experience for COVID-19 therapy search

PSA: Covid-19 – Folding@home  -- currently analyzing COVID-19 for therapies / cures -- is in real need of "a C++ programmer with extensive MacOS expertise that could help us craft the build automation necessary to automate MacOS core building with virtual machine images."
PLEASE reply to the following thread if you can help: Future of osx GPU support · Issue #2489 · openmm/openmm · GitHub 

I am running the F@H client on my personal Macbook Pro and its built-in Radeon Pro 560 is sitting IDLE because F@H's client doesn't know how to take advantage of a Mac-based GPU...and thus my computer is turning around distributed work units via CPU -- a heck of a lot slower than it could be if F@H could take advantage of the built-in GPU. I'm sure I'm not alone in this either.

Please share/forward this message to anyone who could help or might know someone who could help. This is definitely going to be an exercise in telephone / networking.

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Sorry but this is over my head but I do know there are forums for Mac Developers.

This might be a great place to look for help if you have not: Developer Forums - Apple Developer   

Github might be another great place to ask: Home - GitHub Community Forum 

Good Luck!


first off Apple does not use standard C++, they use a version called objective C which is built more around the needs of the apple ecosystem

I have a MacBook for development using xcode which is the development package for Apple MacBook, iPad, iPhone and even watch apps are all made it it.