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Journeyman III

Fallout 4 Chill not working properly with lockpicks and terminals

AMD Chill is limiting framerate in-game but does not limit framerate when in terminals, lockpick screen or loading screens.

This is a problem as limiting the fps is important for lockpicking otherwise it glitches pretty bad.

Curious if there is a workaround without having to go 3rd party.

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Seems like that is the purpose of Radeon Chill to limit FPS according to the game to save power.

Here is AMD Website on how to properly use AMD Chill and configure it : 

Have you tried running the games without AMD Chill enabled and see if the FPS increases?

FPS goes well into the 600-700 fps range in those screens (even with Chill locked at 90). Again, works perfect outside of those areas.

Journeyman III

The fps maintains the same in lockpicking and terminals. Almost as if it is completely disabled with or without chill.


That App note is incorrect and out of date.
Chill is not a "Frame Rate Limiter" and Chill_Max value is not "an FPS Limit".
Chill behaviour depends on what version of Adrenalin driver you are using. I would need to know that first to explain in detail. 

Adrenalin 2019 and earlier there was Global FRTC.

That is removed.

In Adrenalin 2020 you have download and install standalone RivaTuner to get a Frame Rate Limiter. 
Why not just install the Driver component of Adrenalin 2020, avoid the Adrenalin 2020 GUI completely  just grab a copy of MSI Afterburner which includes RivaTuner anyhow.


Sounds similar to the old high refresh rate issue the game had, can't remember if it was a mod or console/ini tweak for it.

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In that App note: 

"For Radeon FreeSync™ capable displays:

RE: The Chill Min value will match the minimum refresh rate of the display’s FreeSync range or one-half of the display's peak refresh rate, whichever is higher."

I have never seen Chill Min set to the low end of any FreeSync Monitor I have tested - it has always been Chill_Min = 30.
Has anyone seen that working?