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Journeyman III

Extreme lag when Scanning PCI Bus with Above 4G Decoding Enabled

When I have Above 4G Decoding enabled, all monitor software such as HWiNFO64, CPU-Z, MSI Afterburning, cause extreme lag on my system when they scan the PCI bus. my mouse only moves a few times a seconds, YouTube videos would completely hang. This also happens when I have Above 4G Decoding enabled and Resizable Bar disabled. Anyone else also experiencing this problem?

7950X, X670E Extreme, MSI 4090

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Journeyman III

Just an update, I found the cause of this problem. It's caused by scanning the PCI bus when thunderbolt controller is sleeping. When I disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" for thunderbolt controller, I no longer have this problem.