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Adept I

Elite Dangerous RX 6800 XT crash when jumping systems

Built new system with Ryzen 5600x on x570 motherboard in Nov. Been playing ED with a Radeon 6870 and then a GTX 970.
Rock solid. No problems.

I finally got a new GPU. MSI Gaming Trio X RX 6800 XT. Yeah!?

Crashes every time I try to high wake to another system. Like it can't load the animation sequence through witch space. I can low wake to hyper space though. It's only when I go to another system.

I have tried the 2020-20.11.2 Nov18 driver and the 2020-21.1.1 jan21 drivers. Both have the issue. Also tried a few motherboard firmwares and none of them helped either.

My game video settings are: 1440p, 120hz, borderless, ULTRA, 2xMSAA. happens with vsync on or off.

The issue was stablized by lowering boost clock of card lower than the normal value. 2349 is the RX 6800 XT upper limit, 2280 is the number used by MSI. My ED install only stops crashing when lowered to 2200. (Still testing by dropping down 25Mhz every time it happens.)

Does anyone else see this issue?  Is my card defective? (I've only had it crash in ED so far.  But that is mostly what I play. I have had it run TimeSpy loops, Unigine Heaven, PC building sim, Overwatch)

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Adept I

These cards do need a good single rail psu I have 6900xt playing in VR with no problems.

Try undervolting, increasing current draw 10% and set frequency to say 2500 min frequency should be 100 less than that.