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Journeyman III

Economy AMD chip and mobo suggestions for home builder

I built 2 machines 15 years ago using gigabyte mobos and AMD processors.  I am still using one today.  
I am planning a new desktop build and would like some advice. My preferences are AMD chipsets and AMD processors.   I am totally open to using ASUS or another recommended board
I am looking for recommendation on a few good low priced/economical AMD chips and AMD compatible mobo's with good sound  and video chip set onboard.  I am not interested in either video or audio add on daughter boards. (To expensive!)   
I want to use it as a multimedia computer to play movies on a big screen TV, but I want it to be fast enough/well equipped to handle music, 4K video and streaming. 
I was thinking 2 HDMI outputs preferred (1 would work), and at least 2 front and 4 or more rear USB 2.0 and possibly 3.0 outputs. 
Needs to support at least 4 HHD and at least one Blu Ray burner.   MicroATX form?   A board to fit a midsize tower?  
I am using an AMD Athlon II x3 450 3.20 GHz processor, which I got on sale. One core being disabled.  Saved 100 bucks and it runs great.  I know it's a Dinosaur.    Of course I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit system.
I am on a budget of 4 to 5 hundred dollars for CPU, mobo, memory chips.  I'm not a real online gamer like WOW.  I'm in my 60's but still a desktop computer nerd.
My case has 5 fans, a 750Watt power supply, 3 HHD and 2 DVD burners. 
I can build them but I have a hard time matching CPU's and mobos.  
Any ideas on prepackaged mobo/CPU systems?
Thank you for any help/recommendations you can make.
Douglas K Fish
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Re: Economy AMD chip and mobo suggestions for home builder

I suggest you go this website PCPARTPICKER that many Users use to build their own computers:

First decide which Motherboard you are interested in then see what APU/CPU and RAM are compatible with that Motherboard. The Website will show you which are compatible.

I suggest you try to purchase a 500 series Motherboard so at least it will support the latest AM4 AMD processors. But the 400 Series which may be slightly cheaper some may also support the latest AM4 processors.

The RAM and CPU will probably cost you the most.

Personally I tend to be biased towards Asus Motherboards. I have had very good experiences with them.

Good Luck.

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