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Journeyman III

Doubt about Update AGESA version to ComboV2PI 1208

Hello, I have an Asus Rog Strix B450-f Gaming and I am really amazed that Asus jumped from AGESA 1206 to 1208 not specifying 1207... I would like to know if 1208 includes 1207 and all the previous ones including patches? Is this "AGESA version to ComboV2PI 1208" is Beta...? sometimes my computer freezes in BIOS...


my processor is a ryzen 5 2600x and it works great on win10. I chose to install win11 to see how it was. I noticed that it was slightly slower and I didn't like it... I checked on the internet that there was a problem with these processors and that AGESA 1207 solved this problem. On the motherboard's website I can't find anything specific for the AGESA 1207... hence my doubt... in this latest "AGESA version to ComboV2PI 1208" is the 1207 included...?





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Yes, every BIOS update is integrated into the previous bios and fixes some things that happened in the previous version.
All updates include optimizations from older versions.