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DisplayLink and Windows 10

DisplayLink technology is fully supported on Windows 10. In the summer of 2016, the DisplayLink architecture on Windows 10 changed. This changes the behaviour and installation methods. The details of this are covered below

What has changed in the Windows 10 DisplayLink driver?

DisplayLink has been working with Microsoft on extending the Windows graphics architecture to simplify USB graphics on Windows. A new interface has been designed between Microsoft and DisplayLink for USB displays. This is available in Windows 10 Anniversary update 2016 (Redstone) from August 2016. The DisplayLink software uses the new native DisplayLink USB graphics support on Windows 10 Anniversary update 2016 onwards to provide a forward compatibility with Windows. There is no change to Windows 10 Threshold and earlier OS versions. The table summarises the DisplayLink driver compatibility:

V8.0 or later will be installed by Windows update on Windows 10 Anniversary update 2016. Running the DisplayLink installer, from the DisplayLink website will also install the appropriate driver for the Windows 10 version. Attempts to install 7.9 or earlier on Windows 10 Anniversary update 2016 will be blocked by the OS.

Note, when updating Windows 10 to Anniversary update 2016, any previous DisplayLink driver installed will be labelled as incompatible with Anniversary update 2016. This is because the previous DisplayLink graphics architecture is no longer supported in Anniversary update 2016. Any installed DisplayLink driver will be uninstalled during the update, and the new driver will be installed from Windows update once the computer boots into the Anniversary update. The driver can also be deployed by running the installation exe from the DisplayLink website.

DisplayLink and Windows 10 – DisplayLink Support

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