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Journeyman III

DCS World with 3x WQHD displays, 16GB RAM necessary?

Hi Folks,

this is my first post and to be honest, I am (was) a Nvidia fanboy since 3 dfx went bancrupt. As I´'m playing DCS world and my actual GTX 1080 TI is always at the RAM limit with my resolution of 3x 2560x1440, I have an eye on the RX 6800 XT card. 16 GB would help me and the speed should be higher as well. RTX 3080 has only 10 GB of RAM, mine has 11 GB already, so I doubt it would be benefitial. I would love to convert to AMD but actually the world is against my plans. Not possible to get a card for a fair price. Sad, but anyway. Maybe someone here around has experience to share with me in regards to the extra RAM in DCS world or in general at high resolutions like mine.

Take care,