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Could not load 'CLI.Implemetation'

Every time my laptop boots up it shows me an error which I can't get off. I tried re-installing the graphic drivers and doesn't seem to work. When I installed and did a clean format, this error disappeared and then after few weeks this error is annoying me. Also, whenever I try to go to AMD Catalyst Control Center, this error shows up and I can't go the Control center.
I am running on AMD Radeon HD 7670M on my Toshiba Satellite L840 laptop.
Please, help me fix this.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Volunteer Moderator

Boot safe mode, Uninstall all ATI packages - Then:

1. Check that these registry locations are empty (delete all entries below them if found):

a. HKCU/Software/ATI/ACE

b. HKLM/Software/ATI/ACE

2. Check that (Program Files folder )/ATI Technologies/ATI.ACE is empty. Delete any files/subfolders found.

3. Check (Windows folder)/Assembly folder to see if there's any files with Public Key Token of "90ba9c70f846762e" (Sort by Public key token to get a easier view). All these tokens should be uninstalled by right clicking and uninstalling. You can highlight the range and right click the highlight, there may be hundreds.

4. Check that (Document and Settings)/(User)/AppData/Local/ATI/ACE is empty.  Delete any files/subfolders found.

5. Reboot normal mode.  Reinstall CCC.