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Journeyman III

Compatible Motherboards for AMD A8 6600K

I have AMD A8 6600K. I need to know a COMPLETE list of what motherboards are compatible with this processor. I've searched the net but no where has a complete information. Please help me by giving the latest motherboards names of all reputed brands that support this processor or has FM2/FM2+ sockets. Thank You

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Re: Compatible Motherboards for AMD A8 6600K

This website where you can purchase all the parts to Do it yourself builds or purchase a Pre-built to your specs shows a complete list of all compatible Motherboards for your APU Processor:

It shows a list of 135 compatible Motherboards that you can try and see if it still is sold and you will need to double check before buying the Motherboard's CPU SUPPORT LIST to make sure your processor is listed as being supported.

The FM2/FM2+ Motherboard are obsolete so it might be difficult finding a Retailer that still sells those motherboards. You might have better luck on Ebay or similar websites that sell used and old hardware.