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Journeyman III

Cant enable Smart Access Memory

After updating my bios i discovered that i can use smart access memory (resizeble bar) on my pc after turning on the 4g decoding option ,switching the resizeble bar option to auto, and disabling csm i opened the amd andrenalin app and in the tuning tab it says smart access memory unavailable i also opened gpu z and there after clicking on the resizeble bar option it said that the only thing that is not enabled is the resizeble bar in the bios ("Resizeble bar enabled in bios - no") although i already enabled it in the bios and even double checked to see if its enabled there, and i really dont know what else i can try to enbale smart access memory.

pc specs:
Cpu: i7 9700k
Ram: corsair vengence 2 x 16gb 2666mhz 

motherboard: gigabyte b365 ds3h

gpu: gigabyte rx 5700xt gaming oc

Gpu driver: 23.9.3

mother board bios version: F7







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You say you set ReBAR to Auto, were there no other options? For my motherboard it's just Enabled or Disabled. Try setting it to Enabled, if that option is available.
Also, make sure CSM is not enabled because if you re-enable it afterwards it turns off the 4g decoding and ReBAR settings, so it needs to stay off. Nevermind that part, just noticed in GPU z it says CSM really is off.

Adept I

I thought you needed an AMD 500 series board with a Ryzen 5000 series CPU for SAM to be a driver option?

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That was AMDs marketing trick, it's mainly a motherboard functionality. At first it was limited to 6000 series GPU and 5000 series CPU combos, but after Nvidia and Intel came out and said their stuff can do that too AMD lifted support restrictions, eventually. It was kinda funny when some motherboard manufacturers released BIOS updates that supported other hardware too early and AMD had to tell them to stop that, it's not yet allowed lol
In OPs case, if the function is available in the BIOS settings then, theoretically, it should work. I have seen people with older or "lower end" motherboards have problems like this, but at least in theory it should be working as long as motherboard allows to enable it.