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Journeyman III

Can we get some in driver "OLED Care" Features? like blackout/screen wipe?

With even more OLED laptops, monitors and TVs(as monitors) penetrating the market. it would be really useful to get some in driver features for protecting from burn in on OLED displays. Seems like the GPU is the easiest way to cover all devices. 

Ideally it could be a hot key or automated feature like after X minutes/seconds of no mouse or keyboard activity, either blacking out the display with the frozen pixels, or wiping a black line across the display to refresh the pixels, or a line that inverts the colors along it's path for a few seconds. 

It's not the same as a screen saver, as it could run even while a game or video is full screen(some YT videos have static elements)

Currently I just use a 2nd virtual desktop to wipe my displays every so often, though the sliver of pixels that is my taskbar is likely to stick someday.

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From what i've read, many screens have 'oled care' built in (or add-in software).

No need for GPU makers to add additional 'care' software.

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That's 100% definately not good enough lol, tons of people just accept that their OLEDs will burn in when used as monitors.

The simplest solution is for the GPU makers to implement fixes for it, as it really shouldn't be hard to do, even if it adds a tiny bit of latency as it's scanning for which pixels have been the same for a while. 

The automated wipes are even simpler to implement.