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Adept I
Adept I

Can using the RX 5500XT restrict the speed of the PC?

I'm building a new PC and I still need to buy a video card. The processor is a R9 5900X, 32Gb RAM G.Skill 3800Mhz Trident Z Neo CAS14.
I will basically use it for internet, watch streaming and Youtube, make videos on Vegas Pro and play games.
I thought a lot about which video card to choose, especially when it comes to games, and I concluded that it might be better to invest in a lower card on the PC and buy an Xbox Series X to play. In my country, a 6800XT or RTX 3080 costs twice the price of a Series X. I thought about putting a lower quality video card on the PC and with the difference buying the console to play.
Within what I intend to use on the PC (the games on it will be practically old, Tower Defense style, or even more recent ones like Ori, being nothing from COD and the like), will I feel a difference if I put a RX 5500XT or 5600XT than a 6800XT?
To watch my movies in QHD, Youtube, browse and use Vegas, is there a difference in performance between the cards?
Vegas may exist at the time of rendering, but the price difference may not justify the time gain.
As I invested in a PC with greater processing power, I didn't want it to be limited by the video card for these purposes.

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: Can using the RX 5500XT restrict the speed of the PC?

In your case, the gpu will be the bottleneck on your system, but that's not something to worry, it's bad when it's the other way around. 

The rx 5500xt and 5600xt are capable of producing fewer frames than a 6800xt, fewer frames = cpu needs to work less, which means that you won't see high cpu utilization, because the cpu already did its job and it's "waiting" for the gpu to finish the rendering.

I believe that a rx 5500xt is more than enough for internet browsing, watching videos (even 4k), Vegas and playing old games.

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