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Journeyman III

Can not read NVme Raid1 data via USB C converter

I have a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra with AMD Ryzen 7 3800X.
To boot WIndows 10, I use a  Sata SSD 1TB bootdisk and to store my important data, I use 2x Samsung SSD 980 Pro 2TB, PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 in RAID 1 mode (RAIDXpert2). 
My RAID 1 data is backupped every night, but the most recent data is always on the RAID 1.

Recently one of the NVMe started to have issues but was still working.
I inserted it into an NVMe to USB C converter on another computer and was unable to read any data of it.

The reason I use RAID 1 is to save guard my data and with Intel RAID I have been able to access one of the disks externally when the computer died.

My questions:

  • Why have I not been able to access one of the RAID 1 disks externally ?
  • Do I need to install some software to be able to recover data from a RAID 1 disk on another computer ?
  • Is the RAID 1 (made with AMD's RAIDXpert2) creating an proprietary filesystem on the NVMe ?
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Journeyman III

Were you able to fix this? I've just had the same issue with a Gigabyte motherboard.