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Journeyman III

Callisto Protocol - together we advance?


AMD has a partnership with Striking Distance Studios for this title:

The game itself is proudly sporting "AMD together we advance" logo. But there is a problem - the PC version of Callisto Protocol doesn't look like something the company can advance together with, but rather like something that's doing AMD a great disservice.

Here's the list of the outside studios from the end game credits:

1. Free Range Games
2. Virtuos Holdings PTE LTD ( well well, I do remember the formidable crappy HZD PCport)
3. PlayStation Studios
4. Puny Human
5. Formosa Interactive
6. Mercenary Technology (Mercenary Technology were involved in Gotham Knights also)
7. Hypnos Entertainment
8. Snappers Systems
10. 1518 Studios
11. Enzyme - QA
& others for graphics/vo/localization

And of course Striking Distance Studios itself.

We don't know which one of those is responsible for all the problems of PC port. But someone is and something needs to be done about it because of all the damage they are bringing to AMD through that announced partnership.

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Community Manager

What is the purpose of this post ?

Journeyman III

The purpose is to draw AMD's attention to the issue. AMD is giving credits to a bad product. We've got a AAA game, full $60 price, that is unplayable. And AMD is advertising this very game as a partner.

It's a disaster since covid lockdowns - a lot of games release in an unplayable state and it's getting worse and worse with each year. Sony gives credits to PS games and those games are tested and certified and they do guarantee quality. But we don't have anything like that for PC.

Me and my friend are full AMD users and we do like AMD products quality and its development direction. So when we see something advertised by AMD we expect it to run good on our AMD hardware. And here it's not the case.

The issue needs to be forwarded to AMD personnel as they are the ones that can see the danger of such "partners" and they are the ones to be able to do something here.