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BSOD :4900H laptop chip set problem

My laptop is ASUS a15 gaming (4900Hcpu and rtx2060,Using windows 10 ,21h1) installed lastest driver from AMD offical web site. Since AUG,My computer will randomly BSOD even there's no other program running but win10 itself. According to dump files ,Bsod was caused by amdkmdag.sys. 

At first, I think there's some probelm with my system ,and  re-install official win10 system and lt's not working . so i decide to check hardware . I sent my com to ASUS service center ,they told me that there's nothing wrong with hardware. Of course, ASUS also checked  softwares in my com,and they  find nothing.

I'm confused , searching a way to solve the problem ,nothing good, untill i saw a blog .

My com and The blogger's com is the same vision.Also THE PROBLEM  LUL. The blogger said that onlyway to solve this is always use ur rtx 2060. Go to nvidia center,set always use nvidia graphic  and the problem was solved .**bleep**?

It seems the processer's graphic cause the system conflicts,hope the problem will be solved ASAP.

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You must first update your processor which includes the integrated graphics:


You have to update the Nvidia 'game ready' driver from Nvidia


thx, but it's not working