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BLIS 2.2 MT performance question and HPCG binary


Does the current BLIS library (OACL 2.2) have any performance limitations when uses > 16  threads? 

Does AMD distribute an optimized version of HPCG in binary form?

Thank you


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Found the authors of HPCG website: 

From the above link: GitHub - ROCmSoftwarePlatform/rocHPCG: HPCG benchmark based on ROCm platform 

As for the BLAS question from AMD developer's website: 

I would post your question at AMD Deverloper's Forum and see if anyone can answer your question from here: Newcomers Start Here

NOTE: most likely you are already aware of all of the above links and information so best just to post your question at AMD Developer's Forum from the link above.

Thanks! I was wondering if AMD has produced an optimized binary for their Zen2 processors; We do not have ROCm platform available.

thanks though



Ask AMD Support directly from here: 

Also maybe post your question at AMD Developer's Forum for first time posters from here: Newcomers Start Here‌ .

Maybe someone there might have an answer.